Start learning to dance
Sensual Exotic Floorwork now!
Without a pole!

Start learning to dance
Sensual Exotic Floorwork now! NO POLE NEEDED!

Are You New
to Exotic Pole Dance & Floorwork dancing?

& want to Start learning to Dance SEXY & Sensually on the Floor?
& create flowy Leg Work and prepare Yourself for exotic pole dance?
...THEN This is the Right course for you!
Get the course & recieve:
  • 7 Lessons: In which you will start to learn to dance sexy, develop more body awareness, dance sensual floorwork and become confident and competent to dance exotic floorwork in your heels and feel good while doing it - this course will take you about 2-4 months to complete and prepare you for Exotic Dance with the POLE!
  • Plus: Conditioning Session and Stretching Session - to effectively improve your active leg flexibility and core strenght for floorwork!
  • ​Learn the right floorwork moves techniques, how to embody your sexy, get basic sensual movements, how to use your heels and get a spinal awareness session and one choreo at the end!
  • ​One Year Access: Learn in your speed and pause and repeat as much as you need! From you phone or computer, you just need an internet connection!
  • Community: You can join our Facebook group for this couse and connect to other floorwork lovers!
  • Support: You can ask questions in our group!
  • Challenge: Yes you will feel challenged by this course and have to go out of your comfort zone to get into your exotic sexy mode!
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total value 399€
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I am going to teach you how to gain confidence in exotic floorwork dancing & Express your sensual side!
Learn All The Exotic Floorwork Basics Here!
Over the next 2-4 months, I will start teaching you how to dance exotic floorwork and what it takes to really dance sexy, not only the technique but what it takes from the inside in a structured easy way!

So, you will first learn anatomy to understand your body better and how to engage your feet and move more fluid and sexy!

Then you will dive into the technique for leg work, shoulderstands, transitions and more exoitc floowork moves!

And of course how to correctly use your heels for floorwork!
Plus easy floorwork combos and one floorwork routine.

At the end of this course you will know how to tap into your sexy side, dance beautiful exotic floorwork and dance confidently.

You will know different positions, variations, transitions and connecting moves for floorwork. And how to use your heels for floorwork!

With the extra floorwork conditioning and stretching routines you will gain the nesseccary strenght and active flexibility for beautiful floorwork moves!

So you feel competent and confident in dancing the most important moves of exotic floorwork!
Whats Included...
  • 7 Lessons which open weekly - with over 40 tutorials!
  • ​Two warm ups for floorwork and special conditioning exercises and stretches that work!
  • ​Learn to dance exotic floorwork step by step!
  • Community in the private Facebook group!
  • ​Anatomy session, how to engage your feet in dancing and how to do basic sensual moves for floorwork!
  • ​Learn basic floorwork moves like the sexy push up, leg work, shoulder rolls with variations and more!
  • ​Get combos, dance tasks and a routine!
  • ​Access to the course guarantueed for one year!
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Here’s What People Are Saying:
What Are You Waiting For?
  • Special price of only 199 € for 2-4 months of dancing!
  • Long access to the course! From your phone or cumputer!
  • With a private group on Facebook!
  • Structured and effective training from your home!
  • ​A sport that is fun and sexy!
  • ​The perfect course to start with Exotic Pole Dance!
total value 399€
Today For 199€!

I want you to be 100% happy with this course, i'm sure you will love it. But, if you aren't completely satisfied with it within the first 14 days, I will refund you 100% of your investment.
100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy with this course, i'm sure you will love it. But, if you aren't completely satisfied with it within the first 14 days, I will refund you 100% of your investment.
Frequently Asked Questions...
Who is this course for???
This course is for you, if you are new to pole dance or exotic dance and you want to start learning to dance and move sensually, you want to learn Exotic Pole and want to know the Floorwork Basics for that. And you want to know how to express your sexy side and flow on the floor! And you want to learn how to use your heels for Floorwork! You will learn to move your body here!
However, if you have any physical problems / restrictions / illnesses that might speak against dancing floorwork, check in with your doctor first to see if it is good for you to practice!

Do I have to have some previous experience?
No! This course is suitable for total beginners and anyone else who is just starting with exotic dance!
Everyone will take a different length to learn the lessons. I recommend to repeat every lesson at least twice, even if you are already very experienced in movement.

Do I need high heels for this course? What should I wear?
We will start without heels and in the end I will teach you how to use them on the floor and in our moves.
Please wear leggings, knee pads and a long top to slide better! So layers.

How can I access the course?
After buying the course, you will receive a link where you create your log-in that will allow you to log in to the course website. So you need an internet connection. Also mobile friendly!

How long is one lesson and how often should I train?
Plan at least 40-60 minutes and 1-3 days a week for your training! With the extra conditioning and stretching in the course you can do extra training sessions too to improve your strenght and leg flexibility! You can start the course whenever you want.
What happens when I finish the course?
You can continue to use it in the future! The floorwork basics are key, I repeat the most important ones again and again, so do that too ;).

How do I get help if something does not work?
For specific questions about the lessons, you can always write in our private Facebook group!
I can best help you if you post a video of you there, if a certain move does not work for you.
If you need help with scheduling your training and other areas of your training and you want long and individual feedback, the mentorship option is best for you.

How long do I have access to the course?
You have guaranteed access to the course for 1 year!

With this option you will have exclusive access to me and we will have 6 WEEKLY video calls (45-55 min. long)!

You will get a link where you can schedule your videocall with me (so you need a webcam).
And you need to be able to film yourself.

You will send me videos of you doing the course prior to our call via
Google Drive, Facebook or Whatsapp - So I can analyse your movement and give you valuable tips and private feedback to your training to have the best progess.

And you collect your questions about your practice and the course to ask me in our call and
I will help you get the most out of the course!
If you have more questions feel free to write!
Total value 399€ Now For ONLY 199€!
Monthly Instalments Available
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